What I do


Wondering If I will like the activities you do?


Here is a list of some of my interests. 

Don't be shy to ask if something you are compelled by is not listed. As long as you are serious and respectful with your inquiry, I will oblige with a suitable answer. 


Bondage (inclusive of predicament)


Corporeal Discipline (spanking, whipping, caning, etc.)

Couples Training

Cross-Dressing/Gender Play

Ego Denial & Transcendence/Humiliation/

Electrical Play

Face Slapping/Spitting

Forced Bi

Forced furniture

Body Worship/Foot, Shoe Worship


Goddess Worship & Initiatory Training




Ritual Workings & Exploration 

Role Play

Sensory Deprivation

General Training (slave, maid, etc.)



Now come to me by way of my contact link, and we will make your fantasies come to life!


Often I am asked what I mean by Ritual BDSM. If you are interested, here is a common list of activities inclusive in ritual scenes.

Disciple/acolyte in training

Exploring hidden archetypes and ego personifications 

Hypnotic suggestion and play

Reenacting of religious scenarios 

Ritualistic environment, body modification and offerings (to your Mistress)

Specific personal ritual that your MIstress will assist in fulfilling 




· Session Play is always safe, sane, and consensual 

· Be clear of your interests and experience

· Do not come earlier or later than 5 minutes 

· Cleanliness on all parts of the body are a must 

· Be discreet, informative and respectful in communication with me

· A payment of 75.00 is required for any cancellations that occur within 24 hrs  of our session time

· Current references of at least 2 Dominas you have seen are required or a  down-payment of 100.00 which will be included in total donation

· Domination is not prostitution. I’m not providing any illegal services.


“I assume hours have passed since my tryst with Mistress Kadia Nyx yet I am still engulfed in subspace, floating  in a timeless ecstasy of her erotic beauty, as if she was still present… and she is, within my psyche.

I can still feel her physical prowess near me. Her tantalizing and seductive voice still audible, her hot breath still controls me.  I can feel the strokes of her lashes, the anguish of her tease and torture, the pain of being led by leash with weights attached to my most sensitive of places, groveling at her perfect feet.  

Out of the physical pain comes the absolute gift of being able to serve her, watching as she receives such pleasure from my submission, the joy of being her slut and slave, existing only for her gratification. 

I have been allowed to give myself to Kadia Nyx.  I am owned by her for any erotic purpose she conjures up.  In return I have been given the privilege of being in the most intimate of experiences with her. Not to mention the joy from being a source of her entertainment. Mistress Kadia Nyx has vanquished my worldly anxieties and led me to absolute joy. I cherish the memory of my encounter with her several hours ago,  as I go yet still deeper into this subspace. 

Sub G