About Me

Enter now my world...

I will guide you through worlds of the taboo by my design, delighting in fetishistic rituals of pleasure and sensual sadism. Your daily world will no longer seem mundane, when the aura of our play is fast in your memory. 

Since the dawn of my teens I have been quite the mischievous,  inquisitive and autonomous lady. One can never know enough about the flowering peculiarity of life all around us... and I was determined to figure everything out!

Soon I noticed I had a fluid proclivity for enticing and directing men. 

This became most apparent when I started bartending. I soon realized the more I toyed with and teased my customers, often to the point of belittling them (all with a sense of fun, of course!) the more they tipped me. Low and behold, I found my calling! 

And there I went,  down the rabbit hole of BDSM and a wild array of other fetishistic doings. 

What a delightfully fulfilling world it is!

 But that is certainly not all. 

I am very involved in the arts… more specifically music and performance. 

I have been playing instruments since the age of 12 and have been in a fair number of bands. Please do not inquire to the names of my bands and various projects. I demand professional interactions with respect of privacy, I in turn will do the same for you. 

When not performing I am often reading, it seems there is never enough time to "figure everything out". I have been very inspired by Nietzsche, Kant, Austin Osmon Spare, Edgar Allen Poe, Percy Shelley and Baudelaire. I enjoy Surrealism and Symbolism in art, Delville and other painters such as Evelyn de Morgan, Leonora Carrington. I am interested in history and absolutely adore science, therefor will often engage in research related to physics and biology. 

I like to be around people who are seekers of knowledge, and a bit sardonic in temperament is always fun! It doesn’t matter if we speak one word during our time together or engage in philosophical debate while you are bound and deliciously tortured ;) I can tell when I am in the presence of someone intelligent, respectful and ready for action... my favorite personality traits. 

So what is it like to session with me?

Ahhh well...

Fall down this rabbit hole with me my future pet, and find out!

From the moment you step into my chamber, I am attentive... analyzing and observing you. Sensing you, as if I can feel your body and mind before I even touch you.The one question really being, 

will this one be good enough to be my disciple, my toy, my pleasure?

  Like a cat to its prey, I can smell what is in your mind. I can see the signs of excitement in your eyes and body when we meet… every time we meet.

This fire within you- fueled by acts of devotion to your mistress, Kadia Nyx, and sometimes by the mere look into my hypnotic eyes.

I am a lifestyle player and all forms of fetishistic encounters intrigue me.

 From the most basic of primal perversions, intellectual seduction, fetishistic obsessions and even to the unknown realms of ritualistic BDSM.

 I am naturally dominant in our connection. If you wish to switch in role-play scenes, that is something only committed/long term and/or respectable clients with current references are given the opportunity to ask of me. I have been sessioning as a professional Dominatrix for over 12 years. I enjoy working with all genders and races. I also offer sessions to couples who wish to explore BDSM together.

Feel free to inquire about my interests to make sure we will have the connection you are seeking from a BDSM encounter.  


All activities I engage in are safe, sane and consensual. 


Domina Kadia Nyx